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Dr. Nick Gentile is a progressive and thorough Doctor of Chiropractic, practising out of Clifton Hill Chiroptactic. He is a seasoned speaker, co-host of the popular podcast series Vitality Hackers, and a budding health guru.
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Get the Big Idea, and all else follows
- BJ Palmer
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The Bigness of the Fellow Within

The Bigness of the Fellow Within is the title of a book written by B.J. Palmer, who was the pioneer of the Chiropractic profession...

I expected big things from Kale's Gut Healing Protocol, yet even still I was surprised and amazed by the results. Not only did I lose 9kgs, improve my energy, fortify my immune system and greatly speed up my recovery from exercise, but most importantly my digestion improved out of sight. I'm now free of the stomach pain and bloating that I experienced on a daily basis and I'm looking forward to maintaining the changes I've put in place long into the future! I can't recommend this program highly enough. — Nick on the Gut Healing Protocol

Speaking at The Cluster, Melbourne CBD

I'll be presenting at one of Melbourne's premier co-working spaces, The Cluster, in May! Come along to discuss ergonomics in a changing, co-working environment and how to ingrain quality seating and posture into your day-to-day....

Dr. Nick Gentile is one of three Vitality Hackers

Vitality Hackers

Join Nick, Jabe and Hannah for their regular podcast show, Vitality Hackers. Latest episode now out at vitalityhackers.com, or over on my podcasts page....

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The Basics of Health

If you believe the media, health is something that’s hard to find, hard to achieve and is very expensive to develop and maintain. It’s complicated, it’s confusing, and if you want to understand it completely you need to spend years in a University institution....