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Dr. Nick Gentile is a progressive and thorough Doctor of Chiropractic, practising out of Clifton Hill Chiroptactic. He is a seasoned speaker, co-host of the popular podcast series Vitality Hackers, and a budding health guru.
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"Healing is an inside job"
-BJ Palmer

Doctor of Chiropractic

Chiropractic Philosophy is what inspired Nick to begin his journey to becoming a Chiropractor. The Science of Chiropractic is based around the physiological truth that your nervous system is the most important system in the body for both control and integration of the environment around you, and by maximising the function of your nervous system you are well on your way towards your optimum health.

Nick chose Chiropractic because he feels it is the best way that he can work in partnership with individuals to help them achieve their health and well-being goals.

The foundational principle that your body is self-healing and self-regulating and that your body by default is always attempting to move towards health is not only inspiring but also very empowering

Bachelor of Health Sciences (Ergonomics)

Bachelor of Health Sciences (Chiropractic)

Master of Clinical Chiropractic


Regular measures of achievement

Every day CrossFit very clearly shows each individual how they have improved from the session before, the month before and the years before. This constant reinforcement that the work you’re doing is paying off is essential for continued commitment.

Human Movement

All the movements performed in CrossFit are what are termed “Functional Movements”. What this means is all the movements performed are movements that we as humans are designed to do. This is great from not only a physical, but also neurological level, and why as I Chiropractor, I love CrossFit so much.

The Right Fuel

Organic whole food with no preservatives. In my opinion this the best approach for your best health and along with great training regimes, this is something CrossFit believes strongly in. Great training requires great fuel, and it doesn’t get much better than organic, unprocessed whole food.

An instant Team

True health and habit change on a individual level requires a supportive environment. The changes I ask individuals to make in my practice are sometimes large and confronting. CrossFit makes this easier because of the regular meetings of like-minded healthy individuals, all working towards bettering themselves. In my opinion this is the true power of CrossFit. The bonds it forms and the changes it creates.

CrossFit is the only training method around, which so wholly supports all the needs of the human experience. Through its methods and culture it hits all of the required physiological points for not only great physical results but also lasting commitment and mental change.

Syndicate Health

Arriving at PAX, October 2016