Dr. Nick Gentile | Chiropractor, Health Hacker
Dr. Nick Gentile is a progressive and thorough Doctor of Chiropractic, practising out of Clifton Hill Chiroptactic. He is a seasoned speaker, co-host of the popular podcast series Vitality Hackers, and a budding health guru.
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Listen in to the fortnightly 'Vitality Hackers' podcast, featuring Nick, Hannah and Jabe.


What excites me most about practice each and every day, is the opportunity I get to work with new and different people


A passion for health translates to engaging presentations. Nick is a seasoned speaker. Contact me to find out where I'll be speaking next.

Nick holds a strong desire to share and vision for change. Find his latest thoughts and opinions on life, his practice, sports and training over at the Dr. Nick Gentile Blog.


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The Bigness of the Fellow Within

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Kale Brock’s Gut Healing Protocol

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Speaking at The Cluster

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The Basics of Health

A Passion for People

What excites me the most about practice every day is the opportunity I get to work with new and different people. As a Chiropractor my role first and foremost is to work with my clients to discover their health goals and help them as best I can along their health journey.

A Thirst for Knowledge

The longer I practice the more I realise there is so much more to discover. Whether it’s new techniques, new diagnostic tools or new ways to think, learning is the driving force behind continued development.

A Desire to Share

“Knowledge is only powerful once it is shared”. That statement, more than anything, drives my passion for public speaking. Why learn great new information if I was only going to keep it to myself?

A Vision for Change

The sad reality is that the health of our community is rapidly declining, and only through drastic change can we hope to reverse the trend. I believe it’s only through sharing great information that we’ll be able to empower enough individuals to take action and change the health landscape for themselves and those closest to them.

An Individual Experience

Every person that I work with is an individual; therefore it would make sense that every person receives an approach designed completely for them. We are all at different stages on our own health journeys and we all need individualised help to achieve our goals.

A Holistic Approach

What I love the most about Chiropractic is its founding philosophy that your body is a self-healing and self-regulating, complex ecosystem. It stands to reason then that no individual can truly experience their best health without taking into account all the factors within their environment which may be challenging them. As a practitioner I believe that a problem can’t be solved without first looking at all its parts.


By day Nick consults at Clifton Hill Chiropractic, the rest, well that can be found here…